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  • Hahaha to funny! Well I defiantly wouldn't call you big or anything... Would is your definition of "petite"?
    lol..... u always write on my wall instead of my inbox!! haha. I mean, someone who has hands smaller than me. I wouldn't consider myself petite, would you?
    Hey, why you didn't come last Thursday? We had a cool ride to KC and after from there to timmy on Lakeshore in a group of about 10-15 bikes.
    Wow, that's crazy! I know those streetcar tracks are crazy slippery.. Well I went last week for the first time, it's on Lake shore going East towards the Beaches. Every Thursday people meet up at the Tim Hortons but most people don't start showing up till after 8pm. I met a few people there, people seem pretty friendly. Are you familiar with that are?
    It's Lake Shore and Leslie St.
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