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Moving motorycle from Alberta to Dallas,Texas


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Hello Everybody,

I want to ship my honda cbr650 from alberta to dallas,texas for personal use, as I will be living atleast 2 years in Dallas,texas.

Please help how I can proceed? What documents do I need for border crossing and registering in texas.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Are you sure? What are bike prices like in Texas? It may be cheaper and easier to sell and buy than export (and possibly later re-import).

There are stickies here that describe the importation process in detail but I don't know how much we have about exporting bikes as that is less common. Not sure if @Delboy exported bikes when he moved to the land of opportunity and good roads.


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^ I agree with @GreyGhost. A Honda CBR650 is not hard to sell or replace.


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Buy and insure in Texas and sell it after 2 years. You will be able to buy a much nicer bike for substantially lower price and insure for 1/3rd of what you might be paying in AB at least. My buddy rides a Ducati Panigale in Dallas and pays 300 per year in insurance.

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