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Motorcycle Purchase Without License or Insurance


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Hey Everyone,

I am planning to buy a motorcycle by the end of the year as prices as lower. I will get my M1 and take the M1X Course in April 2020.

How would the purchase and transfer of ownership work as I currently do not have a motorcycle license and assume that I, therefore, cannot get motorcycle insurance. (I have a driver's license and auto insurance, if that helps - company does not cover bikes)?

From what I've read on the forums, you can transfer ownership but cannot register the motorcycle or get plates. The Service Ontario website says insurance is required for registration but does not show what's needed for transfers.

What are the implications of doing it this way?
How would the safety inspection work? Will I need to have proof of safety now for the transfer of ownership or when I get insurance and register the bike?
What about the UVIP? Now for transfer or later for registration?

I would really appreciate if someone would help outline the steps and provide details of how to buy a motorcycle in this situation.

You can buy the bike, have it safetied and have it registered to you fit/unplated.

Once you have your M2, get your insurance and plate the bike. You do have to pay the registration fee again though.

The seller should be giving you the UVIP.

I did the exact same thing last winter.


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if you are buying new....just have them hold it till you have your license. If you sign a bill of sale with the condition that they hold it till April.....they will.


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I purchased my CBR125 in December 2010 because it was a steal of a my M1 in March of 2011, then did the M2 course on Mother's day weekend...had the bike delivered just shortly after I got my stored it for me no problem and everything was done when I set up insurance the day I got my M1...


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Register it as unfit, then you have ownership (y) I think the title search is mandatory but not very expensive.


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Yup. Look into insurance. Not sure if you want it or not, but most home policies won’t cover a bike. If you do want it, you may have problems there without a valid motorcycle licence.



I had the same situation this year. I was passed down a bike but I had no license or insurance. Ownership doesn't require either of those things. I got the bike transferred/registered to me but because I couldn't plate it (no safety, no insurance), I registered it as UNFIT UNPLATED. Now that I have my license, I can get insurance, get the bike saftied, then register the bike again as FIT PLATED.


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Thank you everyone for the responses and advice.

Is there any way to get an idea of how much insurance would be? The insurance companies that I have called refuse to quote without a license.
I realize that it is difficult to provide an accurate quote without a license or having completed a course. However, if I can get a rough idea (ex: $2000 +/- 20%), it would be very helpful. I am considering bikes like the CBR125R, Ninja 250R, CBR250RA, Ninja 300.

Thanks again


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@ Goosey just tell them you have your got your M1 60 days ago and your M2's just a quote...that'll help you decide which bike to get...

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