Idiots in cars Scarbourough Edition |

Idiots in cars Scarbourough Edition


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Idiots in cars Pickering edition

TL: DW Blocked Altona and Finch to do donuts late at night. Cops showed up and car in intersection spins into parked cars. Many other cars crash as they are fleeing. Chopper follows one doing 211 km/h along finch with no lights on. Among other charges, he got failure to comply with recognizance.

I guess the ride of the six people need something to do in the winter as well.
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Absolutely beautiful response by the DRPD and the chopper.

One bad decision deserves another...from simple donuts to speeding, evasion etc etc etc.

Dummy thought s/he could outrun the cops.
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That area is not in Scarborough, title should be Pickering like news article mentions.

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At some point he must have known the chopper was on him, so he turned out his lights. Doesn't do any good when the chopper is thermal imaging. Wonder how well electric cars show up with heat vision. Anyway, what fools. Holding a drifting event at a busy intersection. Reminds me of those clowns from the Ride of the 6 who shut down the 401.


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24 year old in a BMW. Why am I not surprised. I would have expected 19 or 20 vs 24 myself, but I guess the immature boy racer years are lasting longer now than they used to.


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Many tactical mistakes on the part of the driver. I was impressed at the poorly thought out decision to continue trying to escape when there was already an officer at his door with their gun drawn. In the wrong part of the US that would have been the end of his life right there

Wonder how well electric cars show up with heat vision.
That's an interesting question, I doubt it would pose any actual problem given the clarity of the image we're seeing


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The cop that walked behind the car @ 7:29 isn't the sharpest spoon in the drawer, either.
Had no idea spoons were supposed to be sharp.

The worst thing about these **** shows is they ignore the fact that people out there could be rushing home to help an elderly parent, or to their kids because something caught on fire etc. They are messing with people's lives all to do some ****ing donuts, do it in a parking lot you ********.


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Wow, most of that video was dumbfounding, but it takes a special kind of stupid to try and run when your car is pinned between parking barriers and cruisers, and multiple cops have guns drawn....

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