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Name of a character I used to play.


HH - Hansestadt Hamburg
HSV - Hamburger Sport-Verein

I was born in Hamburg Germany and still faithfully follow my German soccer team HSV.
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I'm a huge MAC cosmetics fan sooo...

Dollymix is the name of my favourite MAC blush

Some girls may know what I'm talking about and most guys won't have a clue lol.


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benign canine, took months to come up with it but am making up for lost time now


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I have a Kawasaki anddddd I'm a girl! Who woulda guessed...


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Every once in a while, a great handle just spontaneously emerges. "Col. Angus" is brilliant, and, unfortunately, not mine. It's gotta be original.

Being away from Canada (and my beloved Toronto) so long made me think of somehow incorporating a reference... it's there, and yet neatly concealed.

Almost genius... :p
If taking it before it was a 2003 SNL skit with Christopher Walken then sure, its original. Its hilarious anyway - catch it on YouTube. Credit where credit is due.

I will admit that Moto Ronto is clever. Good one.

I'm lucky. My handle is my middle name. The hospital typo-ed my birth certificate when I was born, and my Metis father thought that I was better off with it. I concur. (Either that or he'd just smoked a celebratory fattie!) :geek:


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It just seems to fit


Is smashing the keyboard good reasoning for a handle?

from my Gaming days my good old diablo 2 name "Casualty" seems to be taken on everything now-a-days so,
Couldn't come up with anything original that wouldn't be stolen so I put my hand in the most awkward position I could and slammed 'er down and that Boys and Girls is how baby DaXx's are made.

On a side note the anti steal randomness didn't work... DaXx seems to be taken on most everything now..

King Cobra

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My boy asked me to help him with a game and he named my toon King Cobra....just stuck!


When I was in the army my last name was just to long and hard to say, So I was call Bud.
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Started using it years ago when I played Counter Strike. Everyone was talking about how "L33T" (elite/awesome) they were and all that ********. I was like, "Well I'm not stuck up like these dudes that think they're really good and I'm not all that good (although I wasn't the worst...) so I'll be the opposite of 'L33T'." And thus unL33T was born.

It's usually not taken but I'm starting to think either I've made a bunch of accounts on random sites and forgot about them, or someone's started stealing my name.

It's also the same email I use for ALL my communications, professional or not, other than my provided work email. People give me some funny looks when I give them that address. Even my out of office message at work says to use that one since it goes straight to my cell phone but they blocked forwarding of work email to personal email. One problem I run into is that some companies seem to have it small letters and they mix up the L with an I and then I don't get their emails.
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My mother decided to name me Carlos. Funny enough, people seem to be calling me that on a daily basis. It even says it on my driver's license.


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Came to me in my sleep.
MTO agreed with it.


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My handle (which I have used for many, many moons) was a DND character. I couldn't think of a better handle when I got my first email addy, so here it is.


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I've been using mine since ICQ and YahooChat in 1997 or so.
It came out of a response to the question "If you could be an animal..."
I figured even though we use toilets, cutlery and wear pants, we're still animals.


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It's my nickname IRL, everyone except my gf calls me it. I usually use "socially distorted" cause I love Social D but it was taken

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SM = SuperMoto, as for 77 it's just a number i've always liked for some reason...

This is my first post in these forums. I actually met some GTA forums riders on Monday when I was out for a ride and decided to join the forums. I had stopped at a Tim Hortons in Milton and saw another bike in the parking lot so i rode over there and saw that it was another DR-Z400SM (Mine is the white and blue scheme) so I had to go check it out and it was a black and red scheme, red chain as well, 05 if I recall correctly. Apparently there was supposed to be a ride but only one other rider showed up on a YZF-R1. Anyway, if you guys are out there I've joined the forums, thanks for having me along on the ride.

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