Getting junk in my posts |

Getting junk in my posts


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Not sure.I moved your post to Support where the Admin can have a look.


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Why can't you even type a simple sentence that includes words like ans suspensionbrakes
Go ahead admin I dare you to type and suspensionbrakes

I said B R A K E S and S U S P E N S I O N ! Damn it!

Joe Bass

*probably eating right now*
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Brakes and suspension

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Brakes and suspension alternator tires by Triumph Audi OMG! They removed the virus!
Thank-you! thank-you! thank-you! administrators (y)
Didn't Paul just post a few days ago that Viglink helped support us freeloaders and wasn't going anywhere? In any case, if Paul is ok with it being removed, it is only positives for us plebes.

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