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Couch shopping for a new bike


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Oh no...another help me pick a new bike thread

Looking back at my past bikes there were things that I loved and hated about both of them. I want something that splits the difference between them...say 400-450 lbs, 70-90hp, nimble handling but substantial enough for my 6ft2 200lb build.

Leaning towards standard or naked for a more comfortable upright seating position. Not really into adv or cruisers. Budget wise, I'd be able to spend up to about 10k. But would prefer less lol.

Some of the bikes I'm considering (hoping for a deal on new old stock or slightly used):

xsr700...this is the one I'm most interested in.

On the used side, I came across the Yamaha FZ8, great looking bike and seems to hit all the checks. And I would save quite a bit over the others I've mentioned. Anyone have experience/feedback about it?

Any other similar bikes that I might have missed?

Thanks, I'm going to go make some popcorn for the replies


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I would say fz09/mt09 over mt07. more room, engine has more character, likely not much more insurance. they also make an xsr version iirc.

suspension is fairly sloppy, i'd spring for a used '17+ and keep some dough aside if you enjoy any kind of spirited riding


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Check insurance before purchasing (obv)
unless its the N version or the newer models with the handlebars, the S version of the sv is not comfy(especially since im about your size) with its clip ons.

I would also throw in a ninja 650

Why no euro bikes?
or ADV bikes?
How about ?

Please view this ad:

2006 MT 01,

Price: $ 5,500

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On the used side, I came across the Yamaha FZ8, great looking bike and seems to hit all the checks. And I would save quite a bit over the others I've mentioned. Anyone have experience/feedback about it?
The 2013 was a treat ...matured design. My son loved his and very tweakable. He didn't like the ergos on the FZ9 ( MT-09 ) triple that succeeded it. You are right on the bubble for a new one of those.
Used one here 2018 Mt09 mint condition | Sport Bikes | Mississauga / Peel Region | Kijiji

CBF1000 is maybe too heavy at 540 lb wet. but the CB650r hits the numbers

This is sweet for the price Yamaha FZ8 in mint condition | Sport Touring | Mississauga / Peel Region | Kijiji


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Does the Ducati Scrambler Icon appeal to you?
I bet you can get a test ride ;)
Yes. And don't forget Moto Guzzi. A bike with character will be more fun to open than a boring Honda or Suzuki. SV650:sick:


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My vote goes to the fz8, but otherwise.. the cb.. The 4 cylinder just sounds too good 😂 comfort wise though I can only say the sv wasn't comfy for me at 6'2, primarily the leg room.. Don't know about others 😅


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I think you have a list of bikes that are great choices as $6000 used bikes. I would have a hard time spending close to $10,000 on any of them however. With that kind of budget I would be looking at a used Monster 821 or Street Triple R or RX.


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I've said it before and will say it again...I love my 2015 (non ABS) is 397 lbs wet and supposedly has 74 hp (although I've never had it on a dyno)'s easy to flat foot (I have a 29" inseam), and fun to flick around (mind you, I'm no knee dragger)...nice upright sitting position so it's easy to stand on the pegs to stretch out my legs...other than the lack of wind protection (I have a windscreen from Puig, however it's still not the greatest), it's a great bike for riding around the back two cents worth...🤗🏍


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That's 10 grand right there.
you said half the price and twice the reliability of a Ducati Icon Scrambler, I want that one.


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Naked bikes are very appealing but the lack of windshield is something you should really think about.

Unless it is a "newer or current" model of a bike, you might have a hard time finding a touring windshield for it.

My 2008 FZ6 was converted to naked by the PO and I am hating the wind coming at me on the highways. Around the city is not so bad.
I rode an R6 12 years ago, and its either I don't remember but think the wind situation was better or it didn't bother me as much back than.

I like the comfortable upright position but hate the wind protection. Even after modifying a mounting bracket for a Puig windshield from an FZ07.

My bike being a 2008 and a non longer in production model, I am having a hard time finding a decent taller windshield.

I am researching options and modifying brackets, which will take away the entire stealthy naked look. But I think I am willing to sacrifice that. I am even considering converting it back it to original half faring look. Which I am not a huge fan of.

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