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Remember that 15k side by side competes with 20-25k canam Mavericks and Actic Cat Wildcats. The 7k atv competes with 10-15k atvs.
Worth it or not is up to the buyer, but they do have good reviews and they sell a ton all over the world.
Cfmoto is also now in a partnership with ktm for some products.

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I don't care enough about ATV's to have compared in detail. I just looked quickly at MSRP for CFmoto and Yamaha and they seemed very similar (with Yamaha cheaper on the small ATV's). I suspect part of it is CFmoto going with the Kia approach where everything is included (winch, racks, etc) and Yamaha going with the Honda approach where everything is an expensive extra so straight MSRP comparison may not be fair (assuming you want all the baubles).

I'm glad Maxxim trusts them and is doing well. More competition is always a good thing.


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I see them at the auctions usually completely burnt. No idea if it’s a build issue or driver stupidity They sell the bikes in Quebec seem cheap but no idea on reliability.

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