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Can someone give me a private lesson?


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I'd say give it a shot but they aren't cheap lol, market was strong before covid can't imagine it now.

Even still for $40/month insurance (maybe lower for you) maybe why not.
They quoted me 800/yr for a Grom, same as an R3.

Gymkhana is literally the only reason I'd be interested in a sportbike. That looks like a ******** of fun and something I'd like to try, but it's just impossible to do that sort of thing on a 900# cruiser with a (if you're lucky) 35 degree lean angle. Pretty sure my Voyager won't even get that much before hitting the pipes - I've scraped them before. I did hit 35 degrees once on my VTX but everything was higher on that bike except the seating position.


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I've seen that video many times but those rodeo cruisers are often modified to ride higher and things like floorboards are raised, etc. The guys at MCM were riding Harleys but they were far from stock.

Even then you're never going to get any factory cruiser (much less a full dresser) to a sportbike level of lean. I love getting my lean on...but I also love being comfortable on a 1500km day.

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Years ago at Mosport. Very fast bike passed me exiting t3. He entered t4 too fast and the rider on my right watched and followed him right off the track.
Watched them (kinda) in my peripheral tumble in the weeds setting up for 5a.
Look where you want to go!
I was on a group ride through Haliburton a couple of summers ago, it had a few riders like that. The rider following me had a BMW 650, he went wide on a tight rising corner then down a 30' embankment into the bush. The BMW behind him followed him down. The Roadglide behind the second BMW followed him down - 3 bikes at the bottom.

The HD guy had been off road before, he was smart enough to carry a fat roll of Gorilla tape in his bag. We used almost the hole roll to remount his batwing and saddle bag.


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Good to see GTAM is still GTAM


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I actually agree with you on this, but the OP has never ridden before and needs to learn the basics to even get on a track. No race school is going to teach you how to feather the clutch to start from a standstill, or any of the other basics that you would get from a road course.
that is complete nonsense. riding at speed on track in a race develops skills way beyond what any street rider could ever develop. braking , throttle control , crash avoidance, a racer will be at a way higher level of skill period.
To be quite honest, you're both right.
Learn basic motorcycle control first. To the point you can start and stop without a hint of a stall, go through the gears etc etc etc.

Once you've accomplished this, take a race school. You'll learn more there in 2 days than you ever will in 2 years on the street.
You'll learn what your motorcycle is actually capable of. That if you lean, it will turn, and when you think you've reached your maximum, lean it some more. Several of my students have done this - M2 school in spring, then in mid summer take the race school. So far, 2 of them have come back and told me that it's saved their lives. 1 avoiding an accident that happened in from of them - they trusted the front, trail braked and leaned to get around. The other had oncoming traffic come part way into their lane in a sharp corner. Again, lean more. If they were not in proper "race" body position, they likely would have run out of tire. Since their position was good, they could lean more.

Sure, people will disagree with my thoughts on the matter - but, if this progression has saved 2 people's lives, I'm more than willing to continue suggesting it to future students.

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