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2021 Trip Ideas - 5-9 days length from GTA


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Last tip...and I should have remembered this when I drove to Trois Rivieres last year, just avoid any routes through Montreal. It’s just not worth it unless you plan to stop there. The roads are just in a **** state, even more than usual.


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I did some planning at my end for similar routes. Used this as a resource guide:

The first option gets me curious, owing to the limited information on it, and thus, inclined towards..
Re: North Shore Route - I've read that between the number of small towns & reduced speed limits along the 138 and the likelihood of stopping multiple times for amazing photo's or to just take in the views, doing more than 800km/day might be unrealistic. Also was given advice that staying in Sept-Iles is a better place than Baie Comeau, and looking closer at the distances, it actually makes better sense to keep the days around 800km.

So, I had a bit of time to kill in between UFC fights this weekend and mapped out some distances. I'm also leaning more towards this route.


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What are you thinking Shane for travel dates?


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Right now I have Aug 16-20 off work, so that would mean the 9 days between Aug 14-22 is what I am planning for. It can change - not totally fixed on these dates, but it is the warmest time of year.

Did Saguenay area in June. Learned our lesson and did Gaspe in August. Good call.

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