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2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)


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Looks like those three screws have been put in perpendicular to the fracture.

*shrug* not a doctor, so...
Dr. Mir is the best, so I'm sure it was done with meticulous attention to detail as it definitely looks structural, it was just amusing to me when I first saw that image as I recalled a rocking lounge chair thing that had something similar and had a proper laugh about it.

so HRC saw this

someone should be losing they're job over this
Honestly, I think all this shows is that Marc probably has final say on what takes place regarding him riding not Puig or HRC. He described as it was him setting the terms of his return as he arrived at the track on Thursday, so provided he met the Physicians requirements (push ups and safely holding riding positions) it was up to him if he'd continue. He said it quite clearly that something went wrong on his last hot lap as he agitated the injury and the nerve damage and inflammation kicked in at FP4 and he called it off when he came into the box.
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I'd expect nothing less of a pro athlete
they always want to go, especially MM
a generational talent like that I guess can tell the team what to do

in a way it's prolly a good thing he sat himself out
another off and a good bump on that arm could have been a disaster

I'm not a doc either
but it looks like something I could have done with my DeWalt cordless
and some drywall screws


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Fly aways cancelled for this season. Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand

Adding portimao or estoril, likely after Valencia.

14 races total for 2020. I hope they add one more.
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