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2019 Ontario GTA Photo Tag

Mango Rider

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Hint? (unless someone else recognizes this building)
It looked like a Scarberia building you can see from the 401, but with that hint I now am not sure

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Old: Maplehurst Correctional Complex, 661 Martin St., Milton

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Joe Bass

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Points updated in post 3

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Old: Keg Mansion
Church and Jarvis, Toronto

Fun fact - distance from my parking spot at home to here was 900m, 400m of which was getting from my underground spot to garage door.
Awesome. :) And your Pho King tag was a block away from me. I can see the restaurant from my balcony.

Mango Rider

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So technically, you could have taken a long shot photo of the restaurant and your bike in the same picture from your balcony. That would have been the laziest tag of all time!
Assuming he moves his bike beside Phö King and then goes to his balcony for a shot, or parks his Z125 on his balcony? Hahahah

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Old: Villaggio Ristorante, 110 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg

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I hope you filled up, Mr. Burns, because the chip truck has been put out to pasture.

Old: 898 and/or 882 Kingston Rd., Pickering

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