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2019 Ontario GTA Photo Tag


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Kinda bummed that both @anterabae and @sburns were in my hood and didn't stop by

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Awwwwww, I wondered how close I was to you as I was scooting around. I actually almost tagged your old school again when I noticed I was riding by it. I'll have an ice cream truck jingle installed so next time I can just ride around and call you out. ;)

Mango Rider

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Toronto Scottish mural, Lakeshore and Sixth, Toronto.

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Thunder and lightning heading your way. We are getting it here now in Oakville. Head for cover and ride safe .

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Good thing I rode east, but I think I'm gonna be cutting it close getting home.

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OLD: Centennial College Ashtonbee Campus, Hakimi Avenue and Ashtonbee, Scarborough
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