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2001 Derbi Predator 50 LC Scooter Project


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OK I have officially decided not to continue this project. The owner ship never showed up. Not a big surprise and I just don't care anymore. Need it gone. If you want it for $100 it's you can have it or $50 and I keep the 12a-a battery currently installed in it. Assuming this is the proper coil and that is the only problem then another problems another $100 gets a sweet pit bike. I just have to many other projects I want to do more than this one.


holy batman, may have to post this up in the reasonably priced motorcycles for sale thread.
the bsa(s) you picked up are old school cool to me....

EDIT whoops looked at the date. staying tuned for the bsa thread? and Im guessing the derbi 50 is long gone?
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