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  • so... i don't have you on facebook anymore.... you deleted me!! :O gasp! but it was nice to see you today after so long! :)
    Hi! ride into the Mississauga from Kenmore, NY (suburb of Buffalo) during the summer. Have met up with people @ Burrito Boyz once or twice. It's a great way to unwind after work.

    I don't qualify as a grey hair in some ways, yet chronologically I blow some of you away!

    Looking to meet up with other riders and enjoy your company

    I am humbled by your presence...well, after you get dressed :)

    Hey thanks for dropping by to check out my profile, if I wouldn't of known i was going to have company i would atleast put some pants on..but now that you are here...come in sit down, say hi!!
    hahaha yea.. you haven't met the other side of ME... i can make anyone laugh till they cry! I'm part comedian!
    i got a closeup...lol...u are the coolest/funny/ biker chick i have met...are there more?
    Well ofcourse its my ass....Let me know if you want a closeup girlfriend!!
    so u are from brampton? how often do you ride, trying to get a bunch of people maybe within a few weeks when it warms up, most likely at the bovaird and mclaughlin tims and go riding...u in?
    Haha. So sensitive! No, I just didn't know that there was a messaging thing here. How come I don't get notified when someone posts something? How does this thing work? What is this internet thing anyway?
    Hi Cam here from the ride last night, I've added you as a friend, hope you don't mind.
    Let me know if you guys are going out again sometime. . thanks !
    You wrote me a message back in May and then deleted it? What are you, shy? I just found out about this feature today!!
    591 visits?? WTF is everyone looking at, nothing to see here move along~~
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