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  • Thanks For Looking at my profile but send me a PM because I never look at it. Thanks.
    I am new to this site and a beginner rider. I have been told that you may be hosting a newb ride someday soon. I am a girl rider and tag along with anyone that I can but would really like to get together with some more people on my level and go for a good ride. Please keep me in the loop if you are indeed hosting one - I will for sure tag along...if its okay. lol

    Thanks - Erin
    Hey man, hope I'm not bothering you. I seem to recall awhile back you organizing a noob ride but at the time the weather was not in our agreement and I don't recall if it went or not. Either that or I chickened out. Sorry but my memory fails me. Just wondering if you were thinking about doing another one before the seasons end. I know I have crap loads to learn but my confidence and skills improved. Anyways it was just a thought. Enjoy the remainder of the season.

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