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  • Watched American Chopper as they built a bike for Jay Leno. Not a fan of the ride, But I am a fan of classic styling :)

    Hey, You can't really tell how a bike is, unless you drive one. 5 minutes in the saddle at the show does not mean much eh?


    I'm looking at a sport tourer right the FJR, Concours 14, St 1300. How is your bike for comfort, handling, passenger comfort?

    I have not yet ridden with a group yet, but it seems Kennedy Commons Timmies is the place to meet in Scarborough.

    Yep ,,..I too look foward to meetin / ridin ya sometime in the spring or whenever.
    I really only partake in the Sunday Streetville Ride and Tuesday Nite Burrito Boyz.

    This Year in may we'll be trying to gather people to join in on a meet , at a restraunt, in Innisville which will help with donations to Ride For Sight...should go on four about for weekends where some of the money, from the food, will be donated to RFS
    I agree, I have video taped my bike so I can listen to the growl of the pipes when I get eager for a ride. Obviously not enough but it will have to do. What and where do you ride? (Me = Scarborough + Southern Ontario).
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