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  • The stock forks actually use damper rods, in the old style, just like the stock forks on a SV650. I could have gone the emulator route, using something from RaceTech, but found out that Bitubo made a sealed, full cartridge insert for my bike. It's not up to racing spec but given that it was around $750.00, and I could do the work myself, it seemed like a no-brainer.
    The ergos are reasonably good, as it's based on the sport-touring ergos of the Ninja 650R. The bars have an odd bend to them, though, which can be corrected by swapping them out (regular tubular bars, not clip-ons). I had swapped the bars out, for a set of flat Renthals, but they didn't work with the windscreen. The windscreen keeps the air blast off my chest, which I've found is good enough for extended riding. Lots of leg room. The setup is great for commuting, and for medium length (couple of hundred Km) rides, but I haven't done a real tour on it yet. Since that picture was taken I've also added a set of BarkBusters, for extra hand protection, and I'll be testing them out today.

    So far the mods are:
    - Bitubo Cartridge fork inserts
    - Hyperpro 3D shock
    - Givi V35 and E340 cases (have LED signals to mount in the V35s over the winter)
    - Kawasaki accessory windscreen (not available in Canada)
    - R&G radiator protector
    - Barkbuster Storm handguards
    Same bike as when you asked the last time, back in June :lol: It's a 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n, with Givi V35 saddlebags. Since then I added a E340 topcase and rekeyed the lot, so that they're on one key. Here's a pic:
    "Don't worry about going fast, remember, just make every movement smooth. Smoooooth."
    i'm thinking about a ninja 250. seems like the most popular beginner bike out there. looks nice too. hearing lots of good stuff about it.
    Hey Ronnie, it's Dan from learning curves this weekend.
    Had a great time out there. You guys were great and taught us a lot.
    you pull into timmies and 1/2 of the bikes will be harleys, 1/2 will be metric cruisers and then you have a couple sport/sport touring. lots of army boys from out east so it's probably one of the CAV
    it's possible, 1/2 of trenton rides harleys, lots from out east. pull up to timmies on a nice day and theres 1/2 dozen hanging out.
    Thanks Ron! It was all cause of your great advice that I was able to pass :) Do you think you can provide me with the list of books that you listed at the end? Hard to remember everything when you're so happy after passing.
    Hi everyone, I live in York Region and unfortunately havent been riding enough. If you guys are accepting I'd love to come out and ride.
    Hey Ron, thanks so much for putting the word out! But since my bro needs an inexpensive starter bike right now, I've decided to go ahead and give him my CBR... you know, since he did get a perfect score and all. =P Yes, I'm really THAT wonderful of a little sister!!!! LOL!
    Hey Ron, thanks for the link! I'd be interested in signing up for Fast Riding School I feel more confident riding. Looks like a lot of fun.
    The results are in undisplaced fracture in my fifth metatarsel, haha
    be sure to tell Danielle:p,
    Hey Ron! Hopefully one day I'll be able to do what you're doing in your avatar, haha. I'll take baby steps to get there, I suppose. =P
    Hey Ron!! You were right the third day is the worst, my foot is killing me haha. P.s Learning curves was awesome thanks again!
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