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    Transitions visors

    You'd have to ask Bell. I assume that the UV may not activate the coating inside the visor, but not really sure.
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    Transitions visors

    I have a Bell with the Transition Visor. I love it, the only annoyance is if you get a stone chip you lose the transition on the spot and it just stays clear.
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    I went for a quick spin yesterday and took the bike up to the office for a quick meeting today.
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    I think this qualifies. Toronto Market
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    Is it necessary to get a 400cc motorcycle with abs?

    Why wouldn't you want ABS on a bike? Would you buy a new car without it?
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    Ford government proposing photo radar

    Or start now and as the population gets older less and less underqualified drivers would be on the road. The fact we don't retest in certain intervals is ridicuoulous.
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    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    Its amazing how bad it is. Today i went out to hamilton and back. I drove on the Gardiner, QEW and Redhill both ways. On each of the highways I was doing between the speedlimit and 10 over. I often had to pass people in the far right lane. People were doing 90(!) In the left lane on the...
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    Traction Control FTW

    The only time you want a bike without them is on a track. No one ever looks cool laying a bike down.
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    Ridiculously overpriced helmets thread

    They go up to $1999 USD for an open face
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    Pilot Road 4 tires wearing out quickly

    But how do know which country has the best compound. Its not as simple as NA good, overseas bad.
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    Moto Social

    Super jealous. We have nothing.
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    Moto Social

    A bike is a toy/pleasure vehicle for me. I like to keep my stuff clean. I pay for 2 other vehicles that are great in the rain.
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    Moto Social

    I have 2600km so far this year, I find my time. If i were in a house and could wash it at will it would be different, but washing in a condo isnt possible.
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    Moto Social

    It seems Wednesday is always rain day in Toronto. So far both have been rained on, which sucks becuase I dont take the bike out unless the roads are dry (cleaning it is a pain)

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