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    M testing

    If you feel confident on your bike then take the ministry test. If you don't feel confident on your bike then take a course.
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    CSC mail order motorcycles

    "Lots" - lol.
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    You're confusing personal value with worth. There's a certain price range for a specific vehicle in a specific market, regardless of whether you desire it or not.
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    IF MC insurance was $400/yr, would you own more than one bike?

    I have exactly the same, except for the fact that I insure my dirt bike (classified as DS). Just under $3,000 a year for everything. So not the greatest compared to other provinces and countries but looking at poor people in the GTA, I feel pretty good about it.
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    Condo assignment contract flips

    Anyone done this before? Pros and cons? How much did you end up making/losing? How high was your total operational cost (assignment fee, lawyer, etc.)? How long did it take? I'm thinking about investing around $75-100K now and hopefully making some money in a year or 2 but would like to...
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    Best cheap sound bar?

    Just got rid of my old LG home theatre system. Don't really play DVDs any more and all the wires and cables were pissing me off. Looking for a sound bar on a smaller and cheaper side (~$200). Have my eyes on Vizio SB3621. Anyone know of anything better in this price range? Anyone have this...
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    Where to buy leather dye

    Anyone know a place that can match and sell a bottle of leather dye for a car seat? (The closer to Mississauga the better) Seems like the particular code I'm looking for has been discontinued and I can't find any product online (BMW Taninred Q2TD). I want to dye a scuff mark, nothing big. I'd...
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    Early 2000s best Roadster

    Considering an affordable (~10K) roadster. Never had a convertible, nor a 2 seater. Another reason is limited garage space, the car has to be tiny. Front runners at this point are Z3 (weak rear suspension) and Z4 (a bit pricey). I prefer RWD and has to be manual transmission. Looking...
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    Which of the Big 4 has the most interesting lineup?

    I occasionally check Canadian websites of the "Big 4" Japanese manufacturers for updates, releases and cancellations. It is interesting to see which company focuses more on which niche and who is more innovative. I would rank Kawasaki number 1 at the moment. They have an insane variety...
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    Georgia trip - any suggestions for roads and points of interest are welcome

    I will be trailering this time. Want to focus on the south part of the Appalachians. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and both Carolinas. Staying in Gainesville. Drafted 5 loops plus a visit to Barber museum. If anyone wants to take a quick glance and let me know if I'm missing something...
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    Goodbye KLR, welcome Husky!

    I'll miss the beast but I've decided to sell my KLR in order to purchase something more trail ready. Now, those long, gravel road trips up north will have to wait. ... If only our insurance system wasn't so retarded, I'd keep the 650 as well. Husqvarna I'm getting is an older model, a...
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    WTB: Gas tank and rack for 08-10 Husqvarna TE450

    Looking for a Safari, IMS or anything that is larger than stock really and fits without modifications. Also looking for a luggage rack for the tail part. Let me know if you have something with the price. Thanks!
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    August 4-5-6, dirt roads north of Sudbury, wilderness camping

    3 day trip to Ishpatina/Sturgeon River area. Camping on crown lands, with no amenities. Big bike friendly. Street legal bikes only (ADV & DS). Meet spot is in Capreol. Serious and self-sufficient people only. 3 riders going so far, we can take another 2-3.
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    BRP - motorcycles

    If BRP started making motorcycles again (as they stated they may) would you be interested in acquiring one? They still own Rotax so they would have their own engine and they are a Canadian company. I wonder if they would start with a dirt bike/dual sport design to feel out the market.
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    Opinion on RXV450?

    Looking for input from RXV450 owners. Positives/Negatives? All I could find is that there are some engine seal issues on early models and fork issues, also on isolated models. Sounds like the range is very short with a 7l tank as well. Service intervals seem short but they were seemingly...

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