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West Jet now ships your bike to Europe


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They are pretty solid for Europe bit of pulling teeth for Canada but basically you can get your bike Toronto to Calgary for flat rate $695 US including all taxes and dangerous goods. $940 Cdn versus about $150 more for Air Canada.
In Canada your bike is covered by whatever insurance you have on it.

SHIPPING RATES & PORTS | Motorcycle Express

Motorcycle Express

Michael Mandell <mikem@motorcycleexpress.com>

Carrie Drazek
International Services Department
Motorcycle Express

Phone (800) 245-8726 (within US/Canada)

Office Hours Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm

Bike to the airport the day ahead
They send you a packet with information - waybills etc and some important sticker to put on the bike.
GTA World Cargo 2710 Britannia Rd E
Cargo 2 Door 7 Mississauga 905-671-4443 ext 1 hours 24/7
1/4 tank of gas. unlocked luggage. battery disconnected and lead taped.
List of items on the bike - in the luggage - no electronics.


When you get to Calgary you pick the bike up at Menzies Aviation
It is suggested and I am doing ..... shipping the bike a day ahead of your flight to Calgary
Since the drop off is 24/7 makes it a bit easier to drop the bike and get a lift or Uber home.
I'm carrying my helmet and a carry on bag with my electronics.

How far is Menzies from the domestic terminal?
Not Far, located where all the commercial/Cargo terminals are. Usually and inter Airport bus will transport from passenger terminal to cargo.

Will the bike be out and ready to ride? ( I have a 560 km day ahead of me on arrival in Calgary in the morning )
It will be ready to ride, all you have to do in re-connect battery. Since there is almost a gallon of fuel in the bike, it is more than enough to get to the airport gas stations.

I think that's it - will let you know how it works out quite shortly.
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I don't know - whatever passenger jet they fly...what does that matter?


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Oh c'mon ... I'd fly on a 737 Max in a heartbeat. The problem is clear and fixed ....the rest is paperwork.
It did however point out failing in the oversight for "modified" planes so there will be changes there.
Boeing was lax in training, documentation and providing a failsafe cutout to let the pilot over ride the auto-pilot,.......and they will pay for that big time.


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Just want to get to some warm weather...it's booked and paid...the big money players can do their own thing. :D

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