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Welding Gas - Argon CO2 mix


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I need to do a couple of small mods to my trailer but am out of gas on my MIG. I need to weld on brackets to bolt on a lockable aluminum storage box

I have a 40cf Hobart tank and when I lived in Vancouver I could just take it to KMS and they would fill it - they were very hobbyist friendly. It’s a small tank but I maybe use it once or twice a year so it’s big enough for my needs

Is is there anywhere in the GTA that will do it. I’ve phoned a couple of places and they want you to buy/rent their tank

Mods, feel free to move if this is in the wrong section

Thanks in advance

Mad Mike

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If it is a B tank then just about any place that sells/refills tanks will exchange a filled tank for yours for the price of the gas.


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There is a TSC store in Bradford, closest one I know of. You could also Try Josef Gases in Concord (Keele & Rutherford area)


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There are TSC stores in Orangeville and Milton as well. I'm in the same position and just about empty, using flux core most of the time. I will be shopping for a new helmet at the time of refill as well. I resent demurrage charges.

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