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Waterproof Gear


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Right, thanks, I thought that was what you meant, wasn't sure.

Let us know what you think.

Got the Linesman Jacket in today, so far just wearing it at home and seeing it, am really impressed! It's super light, don't even feel it on, no velcro to deal with, cuffs, buttons on the collar etc... Just clean simple functional design. The fabric has a nice stretch and texture, sleeves zip off for hot weather, they say its mildly waterproof-splash proof, like light rains, river crossings etc... Tried my North Face waterproof jacket on top, fits perfect!

The sizing on the ADVsepc is perfect, the sleeve lengths, collar height, stretch in the fabric etc... and feels good wearing it, can't even tell it's a moto jacket. Only things I wish were the company logo's were smaller or black, the blue stands out a bit much.

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I read that it's also good for watersports.

Whatever that means...
lol, I'd need a harley to match such an outfit.

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