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vrra 50th anniversary weekend aug 11-13


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Just want to send a huge shootout(thankyou) to all volunteers ,riders,ctmp ,everyone involved in this event and today is the last day of the event so make it up to ctmp if you can.

These guys put on one hell of a show yesterday(saturday the 12th) and at 10 bucks for the day you cant go wrong.

I generally am not a spectator kind of person but vintage racing is nothing short of spectacular,I am sure many of you know that but until yesterday all I had seen of vintage bike racing was youtube videos and just like everything else being their is a different story...

Show a little love and support and throw down a few bucks for a tshirt too,food is great their too and the atmosphere etc.

Imma steal macdoc's line here,GET OUT THERE !


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I'll be there as I am most years. Great atmosphere of fans and riders.


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My friends were camping and already my Facebook feed is filling up with family pictures, sidecars and campfires.

It's my favourite event of the year and sadly I had other commitments in the Maritimes and was unable to attend.

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