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Unable to open site without a VPN?


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Well uh, this is new - trying to open the site just loads forever until a I get message saying that the domain took too long to respond.

Added some free vpn extension to chrome and it's working for now, anyone else or what can be done to fix this? Tried other browser no buenno.


would guess there has been an accidental IP ban
happened to me awhile back

PM a staff member to check it out


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The target site might be using geo-location to limit the clients who are allowed to connect to those in a specific country or region. This is common for streaming services where you are only entitled to view videos if you are located in a specific country (eg. BBC, PBS, etc.). The VPN extension you chose might have a presence in the correct country that makes your site respond.


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Recently Akamai has been having problems. Your issue may be DNS related. Internet is still recovering from that outage. One DNS may be relying on Akamai while the other is not. Vpns often have their own preferred DNS.

Akamai is an internet caching service.

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I had DNS issues on my home internet that were slowing down all connections. I looked up a couple random different DNS servers and set up the connection to use those instead of their default. Problem solved, at least for now. If it acts up again, try a different one.

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