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TMP - Test n Tune - Drag days?


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Was looking at the TMP site - they don't seem to have a lot of those Test & Tune week nights anymore ?


Anyone know what the cost is now? I think I used to pay $15 - $20
I don't know if we were looking at the same schedule, but there's still lots of them. By the looks of it, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday with the exception being when they have a big event, such as this weekend.

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No more Wednesday t&t. Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as all holidays. I've never been to an event where they didn't also run a t&t, no matter how big.

if you go on an event weekend it's also an idea to run in bike and sled, then get in some testing after you get knocked out. There's also a new stock wheel base class at OSCA events. Any liter bike or bigger is capable of being competitive with nothing more than a strap on the front end.

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