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Tire install...

Anybody know a place where I can get a set of tires installed around the Burlington, Hamilton, Milton area? I usually bring the rims to the dealer and they do it while I wait, but I’m told I’ll have to wait two weeks... Seems kinda long for a 45 min job.
Two days before a long weekend ? Good luck.
No, I don’t mean I need it NOW, but two weeks before they can look at it?! For tires?! Seems a little much.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I just remembered that there is a small shop not too far from me (I think it’s called Killbryde Motorcycle or something like that); looks like a guy who does some work out of his garage... Anybody have any experience with him? I’ll look him up and see if he does tires.

If not, I’ll dig out the old tire irons and balancer and do it myself. Though I hate doing tires!!

Thanks again.


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Be honest...for a run of the mill rider, how easy is it to change your own tires? I’m asking an honest question...if you need some serious skills the it’s probably out of my comfort range. I’d like to do this myself but not if it means chewing through some tires as practice.


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I've changed tires on everything from wheelbarrows to farm tractors and never lost a patient yet. Although it is very easy to mark up mag rims if you are not careful.

Did you know, you remove tractor tires with a sledge hammer ! that one takes a little practice :|


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I can sympathize with the OP... Being told its going to take two weeks to change tires is dildos...
Last year a buddy and I went splits on a NoMar tire changer... Change shoes whenever the heck we want. Gets easier each time.... 'Just did front and back on his f800GSA .... took an hour including smoke break and balancing.

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First time I did it it took me like 8 hours. I figured there had to be a better way, and found the zip tie method:

It works much better than trying to work 3 separate tire irons to force the tire over the rim. I use straps cause I coudn't find the really big strong zip ties anywhere.

For breaking the bead, I use 2 big c-clamps.

For seating the bead, I spray some soapy water (water mixed with dish soap) to make it slippery then just pump with a hand pump till I hear the pops.

Balancing is not necessary (unless you're gonna be riding 200+) due to how well made modern tires are, if you line the dot up with the valve it should be pretty close to balanced. I balance anyways cause I have a balancer and it doesn't take long, but if you don't have one I wouldn't bother investing in one, waste of money.

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