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Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

Mad Mike

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$2700 for the ugliest Goldwing I've ever seen
who TF would ride this thing in public?

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That's a 77 equipped with "factory Authorized" Vetter fairing, sidebags and beerbox. Honda dealers sold them with 'Honda Authorized' accessories that were not painted to match the bikes. If this bike included the Vetter lowers, it would be collectable as is. As it sits, take the kitch off, replace he headlight ($200) and the rear grab-rail ($300) and you have a collectible bike worth $3-4K.

That bike sports an OE standard seat worth $650, and OE exhaust worth $1000. That bike is actually a steal, If I didn't already have a low mileage version I'd be all over it!

My fairing, sidebags, beerbox (and factory trailer hitch) are on the shelf, my GL1000 is back to basics.
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Not a bike, but related...why would you order new ones from F9 when you can save a whole $20 and just buy these:


Price: $ 120

Some might say they are shredded and filthy, others will call it patina. I bought the same gloves at Royal's tent sale for 129 no tax...


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Once the bike is sold, the seller is under no obligation to lie about the price.
Friend of mine was selling his bike because he just had his second kid. I went to the ministry to register the bike. I told them it was gifted to me. Lady said I have to pay tax on what it would go for, I told her I didn't bother to look at comparables since he was giving it to me for free. She told me I had to put a price. I told her the closest thing to free is 1 cent, she said she can't charge me tax on 1 cent. I said, with my best troll face, 'I know'.

Paying taxes on used vehicles doesn't make sense to me.


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If the zzr was $100-$200 maybe. It would have to run, have good forks and front brakes. The maybe is the distance from me.


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Converted KTM 690 Enduro to Supermoto for $15k, more money than a brand new updated 2019 SMC-R



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I don't understand why some sellers feel the need to disclose that the damage was caused by the previous owner. Does it really matter who caused it?

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