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I looked but I couldn't find much information on this. I read a lot of people quit street riding entirely to just track. And some people have dedicated
stunt bikes to stunt. What I'm wondering is if anyone has a bike that they track but can also convert easily to a stunt bike (crash cage, 12 bar, etc.)?

I figured I won't be riding on the street for a while, even though insurance is affordable. So I'm looking at F4i, F4, ZX6R for a really good deal.

Whoever does this, can you please shed some light on what you do, what your set up is, how you convert it, etc.? I figured you'd just replace your
plastics with race plastics, or add on your crash cage and what not.


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I was fortunate for my buddy to lend me his stunt bike. basically my other friend took off the cage and I just went to hell with it. I guess you could add fairings if you had the fairing stay but he didn't have one. You probably want to keep a few different sprockets based on the track you're going to.


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Id say this depends on what you consider a stunt bike, and how badly its been stunted...Some peoples stunt bikes shouldn't even pass a track day safety inspection, others would pass with flying colors. Then Id consider that fact some bikes are so beat up Id have no problem stunting them at speeds under 160km/h, but I wouldn't want to take around a track like Mosport with a 6th gear topped out straight away. It also depends at what level of a track rider you are, and what kind of pace you expect to run at a track day.

Once a stunt bike actually gets stunted and crashed, it never feels straight or smooth like it used too. One of our friends took his stunt bike to the track this year, we just removed the headlight, crash cage, put stock clipon back on, and changed the gearing. He did very well on it being his first time at the track also, but he also knows the bike being beat up is holding him back a little...He would be better off on something fresher....


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It will be all about compromise and how much effort you want to put in setting the bike up for each function.

For example your chain. For a lot bike you want a big rear sprocket, which means long chain. For a long track you want a smaller rear sprocket - which would mean you will need a shorter chain. (CHAIN SWAP!) If comprimise and pick comprised sprockets all you'd have to do is swap the front / rear sprockets out for each function.

For the track's tech inspection- what passed on the track - depends on the tech. If you get good stuff like JohnnyPs 12'o clock round bar - the tech's would prob let you pass with it. His stuff is low profile - no sharp corners etc. Tech's don't like cages. Even if they let you pass with a cage - imagine what that cage will do your frame if you crash at 150km/h + on a track (prob break your frame)

If you do bring a stunt bike to the track - be prepared to be scrutinized...


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i dunno...i've always wanted to track my stunt but i dont it would be suitable...even if it was the amount of work required to switch from stunt to track i couldn't be bothered....i'd rather find some ones dropped bike and just offer a low price hoping he'll take it....or you can get the 02 body r6's for cheap a couple thousand and track it, it's a fun bike to track

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