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SOAR Racers, Please read


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First I am happy to report that at cutoff we are 147 pre-entries for this weekend. The pits and grids will be full for the start of the 2016 season.
Welcome to all our new Supermoto racers. Many are looking forward to watching you do your thing.
Any people doing the school. Please sign in with registration, get a tech sticker for your bike, go see tech, attend the riders meeting and your classroom session will happen after the meeting.
Also for the first time in SOAR history, and not seen in regional racing in Ontario in many years. It looks as though we will have to split the Amateur 600 race into two qualifiers. This means say top 14 qualify for the final. Rest run in a consolation race. The top 5 in the consolation move to the final. So anyone racing this class please be at the riders meeting for instructions and updated schedules.
Finally as Michelle tech goddess :) redesigns our website and introduces a check out portion for entries we have been using a secure invoice method to effect pre-entry payments. This works pretty well however we have some stragglers. I am leaving for the track tomorrow morning. Any invoices/entries not paid up by the time I pack up will be deleted and forced to re-enter at the track at both a higher cost as well as poorer grid position.

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