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  • Im trying to locate your post about winterizing deal you offer can you throw me a link?
    Hello Ken
    sound like youre a good man to do repairs from this site and vrra
    I have an 2003 electra glide that needs discs and pads would you consider working on a harley can you call me at 905-797-2541 am in peterborough area and would need bike picked up
    thx lee
    Hi Ken. Scotty Forgie.
    Quick question regarding SOAR numbers for next season. Is #95 taken?
    greetings. I have a 2nd gen SV. Almost 30k on it. I'd like to get the valves done, and the carbs synched and a jet kit installed.

    I realize you are busy at this time of year, so might have this done in the spring. You have time now? I do have storage or i'd be leaving it with you to do over the winter.

    Hi Ken
    I am in desperate need of help. I am Azia's boyfriend on the red 2002 ZR-7S. I was having what I thought were carb problems that have now gotten significantly worse. The bike is incredibly difficult to start and it loses a cylinder almost constantly. I also noticed that It was running very hot, and the cam/valve covers are still VERY Hot after about 15 minutes of cool down from a five minute ride. I am really concerned, and need your help. Please let me know when you might be able to look at it. either via PM. Thanks for your help
    Hi Ken, my name is Joe and I have a 2001 SV650 that needs a tune-up. It is still a virgin, never been worked on, 18,000 kms. I guess I need the valves checked (for shimming?), carbs cleaned and balanced, plugs changed, new air filter, adjust the needles in the carb to make it a hair richer. Fluids changed. Cam-chain checked, all the nuts and bolts tightened etc.
    You can PM me or call 905-264-1841 evenings and weekends.
    I guess this won't be a five minute job so I can drop the bike at your place and pick it up whenever you are finished. Or if you're too busy I could take a vacation day and do the work with your guidance. I've worked on old limey bikes and dirtbikes but nothing modern.
    Hi Ken,
    I got your name from searching the forum, you seem to have a good reputation on here. I have a 2002 Yamaha R6 which I went down on yesterday. There is significant body damage, I wanted to know if you would be able to help me out. Can you please PM me or if you have a phone number I can contact you at, I would really appreciate that.


    some body referred you on this site..

    i have a honda shadow sipirt 750 2002 , i am looking for

    oil/filter change,,
    general tune up and the chain has a slack more than 1 inch...

    so please message me with approx cost.. and where should i come

    Hi I was referred to you by a friend of mine, i dropped my bike yesterday night and it won't start now... I heard that you would come and pick up my bike, do you have a number i could contact you at?
    Hey, I was referred to you for mechanical work from a post I just did...I had my first spill yesterday, and very unhappy about it :|

    I was stopped, made a right hand turn, gave it some gas and she slid out from under me...So I wasn't going fast, but fast enough for the bike to slide about 15 feet...The majority of the damage from what I can see is the fiaring, muffler is scratched, snapped off the front brake lever, bent the back brake lever, and the rest just seems to be scratches and biggest concern is damage to things I can not see ( forks, handlebars bent, etc...)

    So you have a shop, or work on site ? Can I contact via phone to discuss ? thanks man !

    I've heard some good things about you on this site and decided to contact you. I have a 2002 Katana 600, but it's been idle for the past two years. Hasn't been winterized properly (my fault), got a brand new battery but it still won't start up. I'd need a full spring tune up, plus probably a new chain since the bike's at 11k. I read that you come by and pick up the bike and charge affordable rates. I live in Brampton.
    Please let me know if you want to take a look at it and we can discuss.


    Cell 416-305-8653
    im need to have my bike saftied and curtifed and jonnyp636 recomended you and that you would come to my house to do it ? if thats true i live in scarbrought at kingston and st clair would you be able to come by sometime this week?
    hey ken, would you be able to fix my bike?
    hey man do you got a rotor puller i can borrow for a night?
    if not borrow "rent"?
    hey man hows it going?? hopefully your the right guy, I was just out for a ride with Dave (speedfreak316) and my engine light came on saying FI for fuel injectors. He said you fixed his 97 zx7r so we swung by your house but you weren't home. any ideas on what may be wrong?
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