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Semi retired lifestyles


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It's a fine line. My parents are in their 80's and when my brother, wife, & nephews visited from out-of-town a couple of years ago and the 2 kids aged like 6 & 8 or so needed looking after for a couple of days I volunteered to look after them.

My mother thanked me later as they just don't have the energy & health to look after 2 high energy kids ... heck, I was pooped after 2 days - it's unbelievable how they can just go-go-go at 100% all the time!
A few years ago I went vacationing with a friend and her family, and another couple. We ended up at park somewhere on the trip for a pitstop. My friend's husband had this great idea to play tag with the kids.....that game is a lot harder when you are older, I wanted to knock him out afterwards. 😬


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I can barely keep up with my 2 small ones, at 40. I only workout for the simple reason I need to keep up with them as they age.

My buddy is 42(?) and a life time smoker. His idea of playing with his 3 year old is putting him in front of the tv so daddy can ‘rest’.


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its impossible to keep up for extended periods of time, unless you work out for a living and are a fitness coach or something, even then they just never run out of gas


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Its a weird thing to look at spending time with grandkids as being taking advantage of
There is spending time, and then there is working 30 years or more of your life only to retire to be on call 24/7 to look after them. My point is I see many feel entitled to free child care. Just because it isn't convenient to take them to the grocery store because they don't want to deal with the hassle that comes along in everyday life with little ones. Makes me wonder how my mom did it...sarcasm.


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So, who here is a changed man and ready to give up the rat race and move the idyllic Island paradise (with Grandma in tow)?
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