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The seat on my Vmax is horrible. I just got it back on the road (after an extra long sleep) this spring and have about 3k worth of rides on it. I've been hoping that it's kind of like a bicycle seat- you get used to it. Not so yet. There's a slightly used Corbin seat specific to the Vmax locally for sale but I haven't been able to convince myself it will be any better.
First off / nice bike!

Corbins are usually great seats. They can be a little firm, but that often helps with being able to do longer rides on them. For me it’s the difference between lasting 1hr on a stock seat to 6hrs continuous on a Corbin.


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The thing I did not like about the Corbin was it was hard to move around....otherwise good seat over stock.


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Here's a pic of the seats that I've built. VStrom on the top, XSR900 on the bottom. Stock seats are on the right, modified stock seats on the left. Both were built up using layers of the purplish rebond foam carpet underlayment.

You can't really see the full shape of the modified VStrom seat because I used one big piece of vinyl to keep the seat waterproof and simple. The vinyl stretches out a bit when you sit to conform to the underlying concave shape, but it's hard to see that in the photo. The stock VStrom seat is good for about 45 minutes, and the modified seat is good for multiple consecutive 10+ hour days.

You can see the layered buildup and shape much clearer on the XSR seat since I haven't covered it yet while I'm still testing it out. I don't think I'm even going to do vinyl on this one, I'm just going to wrap it in a black garbage bag for waterproofness and then throw my existing air-mesh cover over top. The stock XSR seat is good for about 45 minutes, and I haven't found the upper limit on the modified seat yet. It's comfortable for at least 2 hours, and I'd be super happy if it was good for 3, because the XSR can only do 250km on a tank of gas anyway.

I obviously haven't built up the XSR seat nearly as much as the VStrom seat, mostly for aesthetic reasons. The XSR is kind of pretty and I'd like to keep it that way, but there isn't much you can do to a VStrom to make it uglier, so that's ok.


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Stock seats for many makes are designed to maximize comfort with your feat on the ground, not on the pegs. Why, well most people buy a motorcycle by sitting on them in the showroom making vroom vroom sounds and not by riding them a bunch of miles. If the seat was designed for pure riding comfort there could be extra pressure (usually high on the inside of the thighs, or nether regions) with your feet on the ground and you may not buy the bike because the seat was "uncomfortable".

How and what the difference is will depend on sport, standard, cruiser and the size of one's ass and the various brands....
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I have 2 previous posts in this thread, done prior to a 4 day 2,000 km trip and a 6 day 3,200 trip that ended today. Longest day was 660 km.

The Air Hawk I was able to borrow from a friend was a life (***) saver. Tracer GT OEM seat is junk, the Bagster is definitely better than OEM, but not by much. The Air Hawk, with minimal air (less is more here) used on the Bagster saved the day and made seat time pleasant for about 2/3rds of the day and bearable for the balance. I'll definitely be ordering an aftermarket seat, probably a Russell with lead times of about 3+ months.

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