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S.O.A. season 4


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I know there are quite a few fans of the show on this site, for those that don't know season 4 has begun!


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****. Im still half way thru watching Season 3.

The end of season 3 is amazing!
oh and FX channel is coming to Canada end of October.
I'm assuming that we don't get it on any other channels?

edit: OP I assume you're watching online?
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Just watched first episode of season 4. **Spoiler Alert** The SOA are not good guys.


Anyone with Rogers, give them a call they have a limited time promo going on where you can get Superchannel Free for 2 months and SONS is on Thursday Nights super channel 1 at 10pm Season 4. Then once your two month trial is up, FX will be here and we can watch it on that! Enjoy!

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