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  • WWW.THETOYHAULER.CA Motorcycle Transporting and Towing!

    Offering fully enclosed trailer service 24/7 ( not pick up truck beds or old snowmobile trailers)
    On the go Motorcycle certification
    Discounted motorcycle repairs
    Motorcycle Storage
    Regular trips between Ottawa/Monteal/Toronto
    Track day transport available
    Motorcycle Transport & Towing

    -Offering fully enclosed trailer service 24/7
    -on the go motorcycle certification
    -discounted motorcycle repair
    -regular trips between Montreal and Toronto
    Along with motorcycle transporting across ontario, quebec and the US, i will be offering enclosed trailer rentals starting feb 2010.
    If your looking for Motorcycle Transporting, im the guy. Just send me a private message with the details. or check out my website as well, but its not updated recently.
    I do motorcycle transporting across Ontario and into the US. Please PRIVATE MESSAGE me with the info ... PLEASE do not write in this area about bike transports. I rarely see this page at the best of times. Thanks.
    Hey Chris, its Daryl. How was the rest of your visit to the Dragon.
    I am sure the 3 of you made it home safely.
    Kori & I had so much fun I am going down again this weekend to purchase a place just outside of Tellico plains.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Hey douche... why don't you just track the CBR and be done with it. That's what it was BUILT for. Unless of course, it's too prettttyyyyyyyyyyy
    Chris, Thanks for sponsoring me for Saturdays ride, enjoyed seeing you at the meet tonight,
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