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Riding Down Under - Tropical Cairns Australia

Spent the day snoozing and prepping the $$$ hearing aids for return tomorrow and learning a bit more about the much less expensive Jaspa 3s I'm keeping. 60 batteries on order for $48 via express post and they will last 6-14 days depending on use.
So even with an extended warranty and batteries for a loooong time I'll be under $1k/ and covered by private health insurance.
I'm able to hear clearly from 3m away on the couch and thats with a low volume setting on both TV and the HAs.
Later on I will switch to the BlueTooth headphones that will go over the hearing aids find when they are kept turned down.
So hearing put to bed.....finally.
Always something...the older 50" TCL which was a warranty replacement is on the fritz. It started a few months ago with minor artifacts and blurring on startup ...but it went away after a few minutes.
Now it is lasting longer and longer.
I think it's not the screen itself but either a connector on the motherboard or the motherboard itself. Both are easy fixes but have to find someone to do it.

I promised myself an OLED when they hit $1000.
Saw a later model used one for $1k ( $2500 retail new ) nearby but then found the same model factory second for the same price.
Very tempted. Extended 4 year replacement warranty available as well.

https://factoryplus.com.au/lg-oled48c1p ... s-2nd.html
Do I need it ???? nope ...do I want it .... :unsure: ....I shall probably wait until I see the outcome of the TCL problem.
48" is a perfect size for my desk.
The kids on the Vstrom are almost home.
Netherlands not exactly adventure riding ....there was a sign on the road for elevation ...69m :rolleyes:

Noraly back on mainland Africa...back on her Honda 300...a familiar engine sound.
Hopefully give mine some exercise today.

Both vloggers are near the end of their journeys ...need some more to follow tho I suspect Noraly will have something on the go.
Marc Travels still a long way from New Zealand.

Out for the morning sorting hearing aid return then maybe some sun and a ride to Skybury....or at least Kuranda. Very nice riding weather but showers can pop anytime.
Screen Shot 2024-05-07 at May, 7    2024    4.46.30 AM.jpg
Phoned TCL and after a long dance thinking I was making a warranty claim got the names and phone numbers of two local techs who can service them.
Had to manhandle the screen to get to the serial number and model.
In doing that which involved rotation in different planes an a few bumps the video problem went away when I fired it up again ( it was actually on when I was going the screen acrobatics) the problem was gone. 🤨 :unsure:
Really makes me think it is an edge connector.
I might get a manual and try and get to it as the screen is light enough I can get it face down on the bed to remove the back ..however ....maybe the moving around fixed it for now.
OLED will have to wait for a while. ☹️
Getting there $6k US
I like the removable/trundleable battery and that also leads to upgraded battery capacity later.
IF I'm still riding at 80 ...3 years out...these might be in range.
Getting there $6k US
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I like the removable/trundleable battery and that also leads to upgraded battery capacity later.
IF I'm still riding at 80 ...3 years out...these might be in range.
How are the australian laws? That thing is useless in Ontario. It doesn't remotely fit the definition of ebike and I doubt it will have a 17 digit vin so you cant get insurance. Therefore you could only ride it on your own private property.
Similar to Ontario without the "private property" nonsense. There is a LOT of outback to ride bikes that are not street legal.
IF it is made street legal for California tho, I suspect it would be legal in Canada and it has a VIN
Screen Shot 2024-05-08 at May, 8    2024    1.28.53 PM.jpg
It's not meant to be in the eBike category but in the motorcycle like Zero and a number of others.
Two of my classmates from kindergarten to end high school both gone at 76
My first cousin and classmate since kindergarten

https://www.legacy.com/ca/obituaries/ti ... d=40062183
They lived up the street from us, more upscale than mum n dad…his dad was an architect and mum a school teacher.
He always had the coolest toys.

He was the most successful of our group of four “geeks” who went to school together.

Caught up a bit at our high school reunion…compared notes about running our companies and enjoyed. Last time I wss in touch tho tried a couple of times through his ham radio club.

Then I HAD to check on one of the other of our geek gang

https://www.alexanderandhoulefuneralhom ... d=28780246

Both he and Gary gone at 76 ….

He was a superstar at McMaster university winning the Governor Generals Award all four years....he moved on to post grad in nuclear physics and then suddenly dropped out and went to teach autistic kids.
Quite a shift and a shock at the time.
From his obit he clearly continued his nuclear physics career,

His mum was the local librarian and let me read and take out all the adult books …i was reading 4-6 books every week,…i’d go through sections ( small library ) and consume them all - this was pre high school.

Now I'm slightly depressed but glad to be a survivor....only memories left.
Not even our high school
The guy filming it may also have been a classmate.
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Cuddled up in an Itchy Boots hoodie bingeing Peaky Blinders.
Getting down in temps now - was 18 in Mareeba.
Now if we could just lose the rain....
Itchy Boots back on the main African route. This route tired me out watching the rocky trail...impressed with the camera coping tho not everything did.

The kids on the Vstrom just two rides from completing their round the world journey.

and it's still raining however ...looking good for tomorrow
Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at May, 10    2024    5.37.19 PM.jpg
New Keds ! One of my decent and fairly new runners got lost in the mcycle accident.
Just replacement them today with Salomons with the quick lace system ...one hand to tighten.

https://www.anacondastores.com/footwear ... tom-pewter
More than I need but will be useful on the trip next month.
I think I'll wear them to bed :giggle:
They may outlast me - thing I most need is a stable shoe with good traction so I have some confidence in my footing on uneven ground or pavement.
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Well this sucks - best day in a while together -- topping off the tires...and
Screen Shot 2024-05-12 at May, 12    2024    4.47.03 PM.jpg
😢 don’t think I want to replace it - easier to put a string patch - I’ll see if Eamonn has a kit - I’ve done them before and put lots of KM on them
The two up Vstrom couple one ride from home

Marc got 23,000 km on his Continentals and they were still decent. Pretty impressive. Not available for the CB300F but thought it worth a mention...his is a heavy bike with lots of torque and he rides reasonable hard. Pretty good to get that kind of life
Yeah buddy is home and has the kit :D
Home safe after on the road tire repair
Did not quite make it to buddies but all worked out. Pumped to 29 was at 31 when arrived home
TPMS was very useful.
Screw popped out on the ride over and pressure dropped immediately but had warning from the TPMS.
Would not hold new pressure.
Hole was perfect for the strings so just roughed the hole and stuck them in with cement
bike happened to stop with the hole visible and the valve accessible so quick job with minimum bike positioning. (y)

Will have a ride to Julatten Tavern next week - lunch on me.
Maybe Kuranda for me tomorrow
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I'm buying one of these for my desk chair but reminds me of my RDL seat which was the best I had for riding.... I wonder...can I adapt it to the woeful CB300F. :unsure:
at the very least - should be comfie for the desk chair. Decent reviews from Australia.

$50 in Canada on Amazon ...not bad price point; $69 all in in Aus.

Benazcap X Large Memory Seat Cushion for Office Chair Pressure Relief Sciatica & Tailbone Pain Relief Memory Foam Firm Coccyx Pad for Long Sitting, for Office Chair, Gaming Chair and Car Seat​

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Last ride for the pair on the Vstrom circling the world. Can't call them noobs anymore.
Damn are they loaded. 🍾

Noraly beating up the 300 on rocks.

Just remember this when you complain about traffic

No riding for me today but tomorrow looks okay. Pressure holding on tire fix.
Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at May, 16    2024    1.50.14 AM.jpg
Of COURSE I have a dentist appointment ....but early so ride there and then go for a spin
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Been trying to get a meal here for years.
Gorgeous setting, very wonky parking lot to get the bike stable - too bad I have a fat mouth from repairing the filling but I'm half hour off lunch so perhaps it will subside.
Yummy clams with a crocodile pastry that was a bit tough on my sore mouth
Truly gorgeous dining area looking out over the rain forest and ocean
The interior could almost be a concert hall.
One local bucket list ticked off.
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Nice ride today - 150 KM loop but did not dress warm enough. Was heading to Herberton but cut it short was too chilly - now isn't that a switch.
Had smoked salmon for the first time in a while and was tasty. That's back to back rides first time in a while. Sat at the cafe too long reading Finding Amelia ....they shoulda oughta been rescued,...and the plane should have been found. Still interested in their conclusion. I certainly don't think its the recent deep sea scan of a plane.
Some of the reports from inland US from amateurs via the harmonics/skips were astonishing....getting verifiable info the searchers on the scene could not hear. Some of it heart rending.
Short wave is weird.

Down to 111 kg so that's a good trend considering I switched glutide drugs...down 3kg since the switch
Having a lumpy day - overcast and for me chilly so vegging and prepping cameras for Tasmania.
We might get some Auroras too.
Better off than Noraly. :(

came across this looking for some content

Melbourne, 3 sisters etc

Seems nearer in time with the colour.

This had to be very early for sound
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Having a lumpy day - overcast and for me chilly so vegging and prepping cameras for Tasmania.
We might get some Auroras too.
Better off than Noraly. :(

A correspondent of mine in southern Tasmania mentioned in an Email - a couple of days ago - that he and his family saw a VERY spectacular "Aurora" for the first time in a number of years,
Apparently there is also a collector with a number of Brough Superior motorcycles in the northern part of Tasmania. Worth looking up if you're down there.

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