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Rider Down Again

Serious crash Pulse 24 at 3PM
A serious crash between a motorcycle and a vehicle has left the driver of the bike without vital signs.
Emergency crews are at the scene and the victim will be transported to hospital via the ORNGE helicopter


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Seems like every week there is atleast one casualty. This isn't a good start for the season, be safe out there people.


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If this was near orangeville, a friend of a friend was one vehicle back from the accident. She is really shaken up, the rider wasn't moving. Hopefully they pull through.


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sad news. Rider has died.

taken from CP24.com:

Serious crash
UPDATE: A man in his 40s was killed when he crashed his motorcycle into a car Wednesday afternoon.
A female passenger who was on the back of the motorcycle has been transferred to Sunnybrook hospital. No one in the car was injured.
The accident happened on Highway 9 between 10th and 11th. The stretch of highway will be closed in both directions for several hours while police investigate the crash.


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RIP Rider


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RIP rider


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Condolences to his family and friends. Hope the passenger fully recovers.


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Hope the passenger is recovering...and may the rider rest in peace!


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