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  • Lol.. Those stupid enough to fall for it will do it anyway. As for the razor.. Cost me about $10 shipped, but it took a bit of work (cleanup, disinfecting, polishing, honing and making nice padauk scales for it).. Worth the effort as it's one of the top shavers in my rotation.
    C'monnn don't make it so obvious. It's too early to make fun of them - let the replies build up!

    Also, nice razor...looks expensive :eek:
    Thanks for the welcome / and the work you do to keep this thing going!

    Hope to run into you in the spring
    The madness should be over by the start of the new season, so I should even get back to organizing some. Keep an eye on the Etobicoke Riders thread.. That's where I usually post'em up. We generally welcome all sorts of bikes and levels of experience and tailor the rides based on who's attending. From chilling to just short of hooligan runs (depending on the pace that the participants are comfortable with based on their bikes/riding ability/legal situation).
    Thanks for the welcome to the Forum.
    Looking forward to hooking up for some rides this summer with wifey.
    Lol.. I think I'll stop at 4 virgin (or I get castrated by the Mrs.) Marketing the plugs and networking gear, while finally getting around to doing some cookin' now that the kitchen's functional :cool:
    hey billy junior....r u on here looking for virgins, or marketing your plugs?

    i know your wife is outta town virgin buster! lol. see ya monday
    Whats going on the Spring Bling this year? Oh the urban camo look on the bike I like that!!
    hey i was just checking a post and i stumble upon ur coment (I'll strongly urge you to trust your ride with people that are both established members and fully licensed/insured, such as Ken or Robert. Other options are non member independents such as Rosey Toes or dealers, such as Parker Bros.) i'm wondering if you could reffer me to someone who could help me get a tunup at a decent price??? thanks
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