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R.I.P. Rider - Near Kendal in Clarington


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RIP rider.

Made me shudder when I saw the blurb on CP24. I'm gonna start leaving my route info with a friend from now on.


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@ Corsair,
That made me shudder as well - I ride alone for the most part. It's sad that he wasn't found earlier. That's horrible :(
I leave an (approximate) mapped route and ETA at home and have my cell on at all times (in my jacket pocket, not in tank bag) when riding.
Not that this guarantees anything, but it makes me feel a bit more secure to have my cell in my pocket.
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Dan Dubeau

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Just down the road from my house. I drove through there about 5:30 Wednesday on my way to baseball. On the way back around 9:00 the police had the road closed and were detouring people up cold springs road. This is the first I heard about what happened (I knew it was a fatal motorcycle accident but didn't know details), and it's tough to think he was lying there as I drove through the first time. RIP rider. Be careful out here people, there are a lot of always changing road hazards out in the country.

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