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  • Hey Claudio How you been doing? Its all good on this side.Been on any nice roads since. Should go on one of those awsome rides again, let me know.
    Take care
    Hey what happened to the site? I went to go on and it doesn't exist anymore? hope u r having a sfae and enjoyable riding season.

    Let me know next time you do a Barrie-Blue Mountain twisties run. I'd definitely be in if I could make it!
    Hey what did you think of that "how to break in your engine" link that I sent you. Does it make any sense to you. What do you think!
    Hey dude, we should try to do a ride before the season is out. I have been doing a lot of trackdays and little street riding this year. Once fall rolls around the bike will back in full street garb we'll have to hook up I could use a winter drinking partner up this way. Do u like poker? I host a few tournys through the winter. See ya
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