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Purchased a Second Bike - 2011 ZX-10R


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So I made an impulse purchase a couple weeks back and decided to pick up a 2011 ZX-10R. I was looking into them for the last little while and Kawasaki had a $5,000 rebate for the remaining 2011 models. Since I wasn't a fan of the new 2012 paint scheme I tried to put in an offer for a couple, but they unfortunately sold. I then found this 2011 ZX-10R on GTAmotorcycle and couldn't pass up the deal. It only had a 1900km's, a bunch of mods with receipts, and came with all the stock parts. The owner definitely took great care of this bike, it's just too bad I don't have the greatest quality pictures lol.

With my 2008 GSX-R 750
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I remember looking at this bike on the forum and was very tempted to do an impulse buy on it. Bike seemed to be babied by the owner and is in mint condition. The original asking price was not good enough for me to buy it on impulse though.

Congrats on your purchase.


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^Both are for the track :) I am going to try out open lapping on the 750 next year, and the ZX10 is going to be used for Drag. I am not experienced enough to try lapping a litre bike lol. Both will still be street bikes though.

Thats Alex's bike isnt it?
Yes sir it is! Both bikes were purchased from older guys who knew how to take good care of a bike.


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Yeah as soon as i seen the pictures, i knew it was his. He takes good care of his bikes thats for sure.

Good guy too.

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