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Plastic Welder???


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Anyone know a good plastic welder in the GTA. My brother needs a crack fixed in his fairing and a tab built back up. Its for a 1985 GPZ550 if it makes a difference.

I've used Cheekeebandito in the past but I think he may have retired



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I used JB Weld and various grits of sandpaper from Amazon. It worked but my spray can paint job is fugly

If it was a newer bike I would have used a pro


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Over a dozen years ago I bought some Plastex at the Home Hardware, and did mine myself.
Make sure you're outside when you do it.
They give you some stuff to make a mould for tabs in the package.

Mad Mike

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1) Take a lego block (or a piece of ABS pipe), dissolve it in acetone till it's a slurry the consistency of peanut butter.
2) Drill a 2mm (approx) hole at the end of the crack to stop it from running.
3) Prime the crack and 1" around the crack with acetone on the back side
4) Slightly spread the crack, and paint in some slurry.
5) Back side paint the crack with a 1mm thick coating using the slurry.

I'm doing a repair on a side cover this weekend, I'll film it - it's **** simple. I've done some destroyed fairings this way, they come out looking like new.


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Thanks guys. He won’t be able to do it himself. I’ll have him reach out to Les. I didn’t know he was still in business. If not then the plastic surgeon is close. My brother is in Pickering

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