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Pickle Lake run Friday June 26th


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I lied
Crashed on top of the bed when I arrived in Nipigon and woke up shivering ...3 hours later
I guess I got a tad chilled riding - nice and cosy now
was longer on the road than planned but worked out okay ...saw a deer fairly close around 7.30 pm grazing 50m off the highway but down an embankment. Was glad to pull in ...fuel food right at hand so uncomplicated start today and have tuna sandwich and milk in the fridge - very hard to plan meals if timmies not around. Pickle lake there was no food available ....convenience store was closed - first time i've used a card lock to get fuel. Micro waved meatball sandwich and liter of very welcome chocolate milk for breakfast at Savant Lake. Getting tired of trail mix and Tim Tams ....Misguided storage of a chocolate bar left a mess in one side pocket...how do you clean out chocolate?
Ride out of Pickle lake a bit less stressful tho one sand stretch was a tad white knuckle. Was fresh mentally which helps and the rest of the ride down was okay - even got a couple of pics
Was planning a short ride but circumstances ended with 623 km as did not want to stay in Thunderbay and no motels on outskirts as the new road has not been built up ....so Nipigon added 90 km but excellent highway made the extra not so bad tho later than planned. Sun behind me made for comfortable riding and smooth road was a delight at end of a longer than planned day.

Today I need to decide which route home ...will very much depend on weather.
If I go through Hearst then I have a heat warning to deal with ....the southern route along the lake is slightly cooler, prettier but thunderstorms almost certain. 🤪

I might take the southern route in the morning hoping for some scenery instead of cold fog then cut over to Chapleau at Wawa.

Which ever way looks like an early start best tho 14 degrees just now ....tempting to snooze more :rolleyes:
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Shout out to Jay from Waterloo on the Africe Twin. Was a nice break for excellent fish and chips ....pickerel no less. Excellent food not far off the highway.
827 Hwy 64, Alban, French River, Ontario P0M 1A0 Canada

Shared a picnic table and chatted a bit. Nice to have some company.

Think I'll just sit here in the shade at Starbucks in Parry Sound til the damn sun goes down. :rolleyes:
It's quite nice with the gear off.
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Hey @MacDoc, glad your trip is going well. Got home ourselves late last night. Thought about stopping on the 599 to chat as we passed each other but we were both moving pretty good and the bugs were the size of small aircraft in that area. All 3 of us might have been carried away. ;)

Did my post trip writeup of the experience here with lots of photos as well for anyone interested.


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