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Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017


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Wow.. what a great thread.. thanks for all the info, will definitely be keeping tabs on this thread.

I remember about 5-6yrs ago when Southwood recently got a fresh coat of asphalt with no line dividers put down and it was a nice warm for a ride, I recalled that road being so sticky after it heated up mid-day it was like riding on rails - it would make you look like a motogp star. Such a great road to ride up to Bala Bay Inn minus the sand that was creeping up the edges on the side of the road.

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Hit the Bunny Trail on Sun from 520, first 3-4kms are torn up and a couple mins after the pavement started, a dog tried taking me out.


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Was on 507 yesterday.

It was in great shape with only the slightest dusting of sand between the normal tracks on the northern part where the county and road surface changes.

I suspect that will all change this week with possibility of ice and snow tomorrow.



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lots of sand and some snow at sides of roads here, Your bike will need a good de- salting wash after a ride.

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