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Newbie to motorcycles


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I just got my 2019 renewal from Td. Both bikes increased, mine by $8/year, the wife's by $12.

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Mine went up this year as well.
Jeep increased $20/mth, and bike went up $15/mth.

No change in coverage, driving record or address. *dunno*


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Nice ... I would take it and run.
I'm going to. Bikes aren't fancy, a versys 650 and a gladius 650. But both have 2 mil liability, full coverage on everything else and 300 deductible for around $540 for me and $650 for her per year. I'm ok with that.

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Hi all,

Got my M1 recently and bought my first bike. It's an old ducati (1995) which is good for cheaper insurance, and more than quick enough for my needs.

Hoping to take my M2 in the spring. Hopefully learn a bit from this site! Cheers.
Looks neat! I want to get a similar bike.

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