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Looking to start riding but don't know where to start? Maybe you just passed the course and are deciding between different bikes. Maybe you have been riding for a few years now and want to move up. Contact NFP Moto so we can compare rates for you with different insurance companies and find the best fit for your case. All bikes insured, all ages of riders and motorcycles, all levels of experience. Helping riders get informed and on the road quick and easy.

NFP MOTO - Tel: 1-888-841-2621
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Hey all. Be sure to follow @nfpmoto on Instagram. Lots of good tips, reminder, and moto tidbits in there for riders of all levels of experience, age, style, etc. Thanks!

gonna thumbs down my experience.

called in twice to get quotes, during the 3rd conversation i said let's get this stated. I was advised since my current policy was ending in just over 30 days, they would contact me again in a few weeks to kick it off. I said sure that's fine.

It's been almost 5 months, no call back.

shame, rates sounded good too.
I'm not sure if this is going to be with NFPMoto or the staff that transferred from Dalton Timmis. I just discovered that with the Echelon policy that they brokered, that I was marked down as them cancelling my insurance. This was when Echelon changed their policy to no longer insure those with less than 6 years experience. Now I have to go sort this all out with sworn affidavits this and official statements of reason that. Its crazy how this counts against me when all I did was get a competitive quote from Ronn Calderon.

Not only did I have to scramble to find new insurance back when that was a new development, but its like getting a re-gift for the second time.

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