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New Rider - Halton


Hello all. Took some time to finally post something here but I've been reading since I started riding back in July. Been dreaming about a bike since I was a kid and I'm really happy I decided to get up and get a license and a bike. Decided to get a bike after leaving rehab for addiction. Have found my new addiction and it feels fu#*ing great! My depression seems to be reduced to almost nothing since. My CB300 is the first bike I've ever sat on. From what I hear it's a great starter bike and I do feel pretty comfortable on it.

Took the safety course, now I have my M2. Been riding almost daily since. Taking what I've learned pretty seriously and ride textbook almost all the time except when having a little fun. Doing my own maintenance and learning about bikes, getting a torque wrench soon as I am pretty anal about doing things precisely, correctly and by the book. I try to do practice in parking lots once a week doing emergency braking, slow maneuvers etc. using half tennis balls as pylons.

Been pushing my lean angle on Halton's curvy roads. My confident has built up but I try to always remember not to get too complacent as I've been hearing from other riders. Got full gear and have gotten used to the routine of gearing up for every ride. Now a new chapter started, cold weather riding. A bit nervous about the slicker roads and colder tires during the morning commutes with the dropping temps. Just gonna take it easy and see how she handles.


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Take it easy, let those tires warm up for a good 10 minutes before getting your lean on too much. Start watching for crap in the road (especially the corners) soon.

Winter is easy, just add more layers or look into heated gear (some of it can plug into your bike direct).

Be safe, wear gear, enjoy the ride.


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I try to do practice in parking lots once a week doing emergency braking, slow maneuvers etc

check out motojitsu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0FFFneMi9GwRHUsuBjM0jA

and welcome to the forum


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Awesome post, nice bike!
very easy to wrench on yourself,
highly recommend you obtain the factory service manual for any motorcycle you ever own.

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