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Hello everyone,

I'm Laurent. In Toronto since 4 years, originally from France.

I've had dozens of bikes in the past, both for the track and for off-road. I spent years doing motocross, enduro and road racing.

The bike I've kept through the years is my good old BMW R850R that I bought new 22 years ago. It's the bike that takes me to work every day.

I also have a Ducati Walt Siegl project that I kinda failed on the electronics side and that I'm selling in pieces now because I want to move on. It was my 3rd Ducati.

I'll definitely get a new bike soon, maybe Panigale 959, but I'm also thinking of getting a light adventure bike, like a 701 Husky or the 700 Ténéré if it gets released one day...
I guess winter will decide...



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welcome to the forum. Being from oversea and your history on bikes I am looking forward your contribution to the forum. salut

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