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Hi all,

I have recently just purchased my first bike, a 2012 Honda CBR250r.

For maintenance and all that fun stuff, what are some the main things I should be doing myself at home? (lubricating chain? etc)
And what things should I bring it in to a shop for?

Just want to get an idea what what things I should be doing so I can learn.


gringo diablo
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pre-ride inspection for lights, tire pressure, and loose bolts etc.
^ all riders need to be able to do this
those that are unwilling should not ride

inspect/adjust chain tension, lube the chain
suspension adjustments to suit you
clutch cable adjustment
oil/filter change is simple, youtube will have some advice

shop jobs are: valve adjustment, fork/shock service
brakes system repairs, steering head bearings

sure others will chime in as well

Mad Mike

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Pre-ride check is often referred to as a T-CLOCK. Wingboy supplied a tutorial that's worth reading T-clock (Pre trip Inspection Routines)

As for regular maintenance, get familiar with the owner's manual. It will tell you what to do at each service interval. What you do o your own is up to you. Do you have the tools, know how? Are you willing to learn? The easy stuff is chain lube, oil and filter changes.

Next would be checks and adjustments on your chain and control cables (clutch and throttle). Next would be coolant (every few years) a little more complicated but not impossible if you have limited technical ability. Finally you have hydraulic, brake, steering and suspension checks and service -- these have a considerable safety elements and should only be performed if you know what you are doing.

YouTube has lots of tutorials. When you find riding buddies you will also find a wealth of info -- don't be afraid to ask them for guidance and help.

Twisted Wrister

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I don't think you have a center stand. If true, you need to buy a set of lift stands to so it can be level without you holding it. It needs to be level for most home maintenance.

Make sure your control cables are lubed. (clutch, throttle, choke) I've never bought a used bike where this was being done - people just keep adjusting them till they snap. If they feel scratchy a break is imminent and a snapped cable is dangerous. Use a syringe to get a little motor oil inside it from the top of the cable. Once per year or two is plenty.

Lube rear brake pedal, shift lever and kickstand. Chain lube is ok for this. Lube the chain every two tanks or after riding in rain or dust and you'll almost never need to adjust it. Lightly spray it on the outside face, along the outer joints from above, in the middle, along the inner joints and inside face. One pass each. I'm 250lbs and have enough power to stretch my chain like hot mozzarella and I've adjusted it once in 40000km.

Oil + oil filter changes are easier than a car. There's a window to check it if you don't have a dipstick. Change the filter every oil change too just don't overtighten the filter or filter cover, it strips easily. Check the air filter. dust it off with an air duster but if it's grey or feels heavy replace it. Brake pads are pretty easy too. have someone show you how to check them for wear so you have time to order new ones.


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First download the service manual for your bike for free, is easy I just did.
Read the whole thing before you need it and imho if you mostly understand it, you should be good to proceed with any of the services described in the manual.

Some people are more naturally mechanically inclined then others, some lack the tools required, but none of it is beyond learning and nobody was ever born already knowing how to do that stuff. As motorcycles go, yours is one of the easiest bikes to work on and the service manual is very concise. Learn well, ride well and have tons of fun (y)

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