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I spent a couple of hours listening to Rush yesterday. If it was summer I'd have loaded my playlist and rode for hours, because it's Winter I put on my headphones and air drummed until my arms were ready to fall off.

Rest in Peace.

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I was and still am utterly shocked and heartbroken over the news of Neil Peart's passing. Neil was a genius drummer, lyricist, author, and avid motorcyclist. Neil will be truly missed. My sincere condolences to Geddy, Alex, the Peart family and friends.

Rest In Peace, Ghost Rider.
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There is a cool documentary of the last tour of Rush - Time Stand Still on Crave and HBO right now.
It is the final tour of Rush. It shows Neil getting his bike out in almost every city.
He has the roads marked off in every city and shows him just getting on the bike and riding.

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